5ive Secrets Nice Guys should use to seem like Very Bad Boys

Published: 04th June 2009
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5ive Secrets Nice Guys should use to seem like Very Bad Boys!

Why would you want to seem like a notorious Bad Boy? I'll tell you a great reason. To create uncontrollable attraction in any women. That's a great reason. I you need another reason you are reading the wrong article. Everything is more fun with a woman thrown into the mix. So listen to my secrets so you can get to it.

The way to look "Bad" is for a Nice Guy to convince himself that he wants to be "Bad" so he can create great attraction in women. After reading my 5ive secrets you can abolish all the little quirks that have been holding you back.

These have been tested by the guys who I've taught in my personal one on one classes and they have worked great. I have a 100% guarantee that my methods work because most guys are just a few short steps away from becoming truly attractive to women.

The most exciting part is that you're also going to overcome some basic fear barriers that you've built up over the course of your life. Fear is a terrible set of chains to wear and shrugging it off is the single most liberating thing in the world.

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Bad Boy Secret 1 - Smile. Like you have some kind of smiling disease. The habit will create a better smile but it will also win women over. It triggers an unconscious effect on women. And if you were wondering... there is serious science behind it.

Bad Boy Secret 2 - "You're one of THOSE girls." - it automatically implies that you are the person that judges. This is attractive to women. They will want to do two things. Please the judge or get away from him. If you couple this with the other secrets it will be her wanting to please you!

Bad Boy Secret 3 - Change the Subject. Only an Alpha Male changes the subject. Nice Guys struggle to continue the conversation. Alpha Males do what they want!

Bad Boy Secret 4 - Change your image by changing the way you dress. Get Bad Boys have a look they use to become the guy that is great with women. You'll need to get your own costume.

Bad Boy Secret 5 - "No." Women have so much trouble with this word. When you use it, be prepared for women to "test" you to try to break you of the habit. If you show any sign of giving in she will come to expect it just as women always have from you. Don't let up after your first "No".

These are 5 Secrets from Tips for Flirting are Great and can really get you started. If you want to hear more Tutorials...

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